The UK’s ‘most loved’ buildings include ‘fascinating’ historic landmark – list

From thatched roof cottages to red brick terraces, the UK’s architecture has fans all over the globe.

But there’s one special landmark that’s apparently more loved than any other, according to a new study.

The team at Buildworld looked at Twitter posts to rank the UK’s buildings, crowning the one that attracted the most positive reviews for architecture.

Britons might be surprised to learn that the winning building isn’t in London or any of the UK’s major cities.

According to the ranking, the winning building is a “fascinating” historic landmark which dates back to the medieval era.

Britain’s most-loved building

  1. Ely Cathedral, Ely
  2. Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln
  3. Cardiff Castle, Cardiff
  4. Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury
  5. Warwick Castle, Warwick
  6. Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh
  7. St Paul’s Cathedral, London
  8. Westminster Abbey, London
  9. Whitby Abbey, Whitby
  10. Windsor Castle, Windsor

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Ely Cathedral came out on top in the rankings with almost 90 percent of Twitter posts rating its architecture positively.

The medieval cathedral is built out of Barnack limestone which the monks paid 8,000 eels a year for.

A tourist ‘tincress’ wrote on Tripadvisor: “We had an amazing time in this fantastic historic building. We visited the stained glass museum, which was fascinating.”

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Another visitor ‘Boris M’ said: “Very big, powerful, very beautiful inside and out. This is one of the largest cathedrals in the UK and it is strange that it is not more crowded, judging by its size and importance in history.”

Lincoln Cathedral grabbed second place while Cardiff Castle rounded off the UK’s top three favourite buildings.

Although London’s landmarks didn’t make the top five, St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey were included in the top 10.

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