Tourist slams Welsh beauty spot online as it ‘doesn’t have nearby McDonald’s’

You can find a McDonald's most places these days, however one tourist was left moaning after they couldn't locate one during a trip to Wales.

This led the holidaymaker to leave a negative review about a Welsh lake on TripAdvisor because there were no Maccies outlets nearby.

The reviewer gave Llyn Tegid in Gwynedd, otherwise known as Bala Lake, a two-star review, stating they were "very disappointed" that there was none of the fast-food restaurants close to the area.

The tourist claimed the nearest McDonald's was 23 miles away from the beauty spot, and this was "something very worrying".

They also claim there is a "food mafia" preventing takeaways like McDonald's from opening in Bala.

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The review said: "I paid a visit to the Bala lake, when we arrived the sun was cracking the flags and it seemed lovely but as the day proceeded I noticed something very worrying.

"As my friends and family where munching down on a barbecue I googled the directions to the nearest McDonald's, to my surprise the closest one was 23 miles away.

"Is it me or does this seem very worrying and the some sort of food Mafia in Bala what prevents decent takeaways from opening.

"People need to remember that McDonald's is a universal restaurant and there is something for everybody there so I'm very disappointed that the food mafia has prevented the McDonald's from opening."

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The review was shared on social media by local, Geraint Davies. He wrote: "As locals we too are annoyed that the food mafia of our town make us eat all the top quality food they have on offer!"

One Twitter user replied: "I live not far from Bala and have family in farming, as were my parents.

"I'm not sure if this is a genuine review, but it's incredibly disheartening that tourists have this unreasonable expectation, when exceptional world-class quality meat is quite literally, on the doorstep."

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While another agreed: "I stayed in Y Bala a while ago and I can confirm that I didn't leave hungry, thirsty, or in need of friendly chats. It never occurred to me to look for or miss McD's. My mistake."

Llyn Tegid, or Bala Lake, is the largest natural lake in Wales. It is home to the rare 'gwyniad' fish and has two sailing clubs for canoe and boat hire.

The lake is fed by the River Dee, which has its source in the mountains of Snowdonia.

Other TripAdvisor reviews for the lake from tourists who have visited there describe it as "beautiful", "magnificent" and "incredible".

Meanwhile another Welsh holiday spot hit headlines recently after an awkward translation mix up.

Snowdonia National Park officials were left red-faced after a mistranslation of Welsh saw tourists told it is a popular 'sex area'.

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