Tourists slam Cornwall for ‘nightmare’ seagulls and ‘posers’ on the beaches

Cornwall is famous world wide for its stunning beaches, hidden coves and turquoise waters – but grumpy tourists say there are "seagulls scoffing pasties" and "cold water".

The south easterly tip of England attracts thousands of staycationers each summer too who want to swim, surf and hike around the best beauty spots.

There’s also plenty to get up to for history and culture buffs with Tintagel Castle in North Cornwall and the Minack Theatre above gorgeous Portcurno Beach.

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Plus, the Tate St Ives is a modern art gallery in the seaside town ranked the UK’s best!

However, it seems not every Cornish beach has blown everyone away as some tourists have shared their various complaints online.

CornwallLive found some of the Cornish beaches rated top on TripAdvisor and the complaints holidaymakers had about them.

Fistral Beach

Fistral Beach was named one of the best beaches in Europe by TripAdvisor, but Stuart Wojdyta, from Wrexham, claimed that his visit was ruined by "seagulls scoffing pasties". He wrote:

"Avoid if you like pasties! Seagulls everywhere who were dive bombing to pinch my large Cornish pasty! Nightmare scenario!"

User Confi D was irate as the many "posers" who flocked to the area.

He said: "Hundreds of people in the water and only five people in one week surfing, lol, at most five metres, yet they still walk around with open wetsuits and makeup DUDE. Wake up posers and VW drivers."

Perranporth Beach

One tourist visiting Cornwall claims she was forced to go to hospital after encountering the wildlife at Perranporth Beach.

Mandy S, from London, warned visitors to "beware of rogue seagulls", writing: "Beautiful beach but my trip was ruined by a seagull dive bombing me, it missed my ice cream but bit my lip causing bleeding and swelling.

"NHS 111 advised me to go to urgent care at Penzance hospital where I was given a week's course of antibiotics.

"There are no notices re dangerous seagulls just a warning not to feed the gulls… a couple of inches higher and it could have blinded me. I certainly had no intention of feeding the gull."

While Mrs R told tourists "don't bother" visiting Perranporth Beach due to loud pubs.

She said: "We went to Perranporth years ago as a family and wanted to re-visit. I would say that there are now far nicer beach experiences to choose from. There is a holiday park that has direct access to the beach so it was packed.

"The pub on the beach gives it a Brits abroad feeling. If you want something more authentic to Cornwall then keep looking."

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Sandymouth Bay Beach

Sally M, from Berkshire, was disappointed with Sandymouth Bay Beach due to the "very steep incline" up to the public toilets at the beach.

She wrote: "Stony until the tide goes out about lunch time. Accessibility not for the faint hearted as very steep, toilets situated at top so a few trips up and down required."

She also noted the parking was "minimal" but remarked that the "surfing is good though, so long as you avoid the rocks".

User Lilypop2005 suggested a name change for the beach due to how "stony" she discovered it to be.

She said: "Sandymouth… more like Rockymouth! Excellent for surf but not good for a stroll or young ones to play."

CalDevine, from Bristol, claimed they were "underwhelmed" after visiting the beach with friends, stating that they had "been, seen, will never return".

They elaborated on their harsh opinion, writing: "Puzzled as to why anyone would think this stone covered, windswept cove with dull, eroding, shale cliffs is a great beach."

Porthminster Beach

One visitor to Porthminster Beach appeared to be disappointed by how cold the sea turned out to be in August 2022.

Most Brits are well aware that a wetsuit is advisable at any time of year due to the fact that the sea never gets particularly balmy.

Phillip H wrote on Tripadvisor: "We visited the beach yesterday, had to walk ages to the sea because the tide was out, and when we got there, it was freezing and very windy.

"The sand was awful as it is the wrong sort of sand and very sticky. It got everywhere and I'm still finding bits today!"

Porthmeor Beach

User WendyAH8, from Reading, had many complaints after visiting Porthmeor Beach and had a few choice words to describe her fellow holidaymakers.

She wrote: "Why would anyone with any sense want to go to this place which is hell on earth?

"Crowded, noisy, nothing to eat but bad fish and chips and Cornish pasties, and the beach packed full of the morbidly obese, screaming sunburnt children in buggies and people with tattoos."

She ended her scathing review by noting that Porthmeor Beach is apparently "the place to go to see parenting at its worst and cardiovascular disease waiting to happen".

St Ives Harbour Beach

Poster Linzi515, from Nantwich, labelled St Ives Harbour Beach as "the worst of the beaches in St Ives" for a reason that may seem obvious to anyone else who learns the name of the area.

She complained: "I much prefer the other three beaches in St Ives that are much bigger. The harbour beach is surrounded by boats which isn't ideal for families with kids playing."

Where is your favourite beach? Tell us in the comments…


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