Tourists spot hilarious rude-looking scene on luxury hotel listing

Holidaymakers were gobsmacked while scrolling through photos of a hotel this week when they spotted something unusual…

Travellers thought they’d happened across a risqué moment as they looked at the plush four poster beds of the Hotel Zeit & Traum, reports the Sun.

People thought they’d spotted a pair of legs being raised in the air from the bed.

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However, it turns out the X-rated moment was just a peach duvet folded to look rather cheeky.

The hotel, which is based in Switzerland, is a luxury destination with incredible mountain views.

It also has plenty of glamorous touches from the red walls and classical artwork to the in-built sauna.

The four-star accommodation drew eyes from across the globe thanks to its cheeky trick-of-the-eye quilt display.

One person said: “I had to do a second glance … who is in the bed?”

While others thought they were “intruding” on a moment.

Another person added: “I’ve heard of napkin swans but that’s going a bit too far.”

Rooms at the hotel start from £417 a night on, but they offer something a little different to most.

Despite being set in the Swiss mountains there’s a Japanese Garden Suite.

The room is covered in faux bamboo tiles and tropical plants along with Japanese art, fans, gongs and writing.

Plus, there’s a big spa bath and a balcony with its own sauna and sun loungers.

Other rooms include the Glanz and Glamour suite which has a stripper pole, circular bed and disco-style decor.

The Bounty Beach Suite is set in the eaves with tropical plants, rope ladders and hammocks which give off a Bali-style vibe.

The room with the cheeky photos is the Chateau d’amour suite – that looks like a room for French royalty.

There’s a large dining table, a four poster bed and fireplace plus a chandelier and a rather interesting chaise longue.

Other suites have themed such as Viva Mexico, Route 66 Americana and an alpine-style chalet suite.


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