Tourists warned ‘don’t go in for a paddle’ at Blackpool Beach

Councillor tells people ‘don’t go in for a paddle’

Swimmers have been warned to avoid swimming at the Blackpool coast after sewage was released into the water.

Councillor Lynn Williams told BBC Breakfast that tourists could still visit the beach but warned them not to go for “a paddle”.

Williams said: “Come down to the beach. Come and enjoy the beach. Enjoy Blackpool Prom in all its glory, the piers and everything else.

“Don’t have a paddle just for the time being and hopefully we’ll have a short turnaround and we can let everyone know when it’s safe to go back in the beautiful sea again.”

The Councillor said when a similar incident had happened in March, swimmers had been unable to enjoy the water for a few days.

Swiminfo designated eight stretches of beach, including St Annes, Blackpool South and Bishpham as unsafe for swimming.

On Twitter, people reacted with rage to the sewage and said people were unable to visit the beach at one of the hottest times of year.

‘Rubs12345678’ said: “So on of the hottest days, the people of Blackpool and Fleetwood cannot swim in the sea.”

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‘Debra Green’ said some of her favourite memories were of visiting Blackpool and now her grandchildren wouldn’t be able to enjoy the same.

United Utilities warned that untreated sewage and rainwater had been released from its water treatment plant in Fleetwood.

The company has said it is carrying out urgent repair work to the pipe and said it was a “very unusual situation”.

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Wild swimmers across the UK have been forced to avoid several popular spots due to sewage in recent months.

Surfers Against Sewage, which monitors coastal water quality, said it had alerts in several places now.

The group is urging people to contact them if they have become sick after swimming in the sea in the UK.

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