Tourists warned that ‘paradise beach’ is actually full of dangers for visitors

Over the last few years, we Brits have fallen in love with Bali. While the flight to the Indonesian islands is long – a whopping 16 or more hours – when you arrive you’re greeted by a tropical paradise – but not all of its stunning coves are safe.

The small island is full of glorious holiday villas and even treehouses. Many have their own private pools for you to use while relaxing.

Plus, there’s an abundance of tasty foods to dig into from fried rice to satay dishes and grilled meat. Not to mention that compared to the UK the food and drink is cheap as chips!

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According to PintPrice, the average cost of a pint of beer in Bali is just 78p while Numbeo claims that an inexpensive meal for one costs just 25,000 Rupiah – that’s £1.27.

However, it’s important that if you do head off to Bali you don’t forget that some beautiful places can be deadly. Tourists have been warned not to swim at one famous beach on the islands of Bali.

A British teenager had his leg dislocated by a strong wave recently – ouch – which lead to the warning. Kelingking Beach is located in the village of Bunga Mekar on Nusa Penida Island in the province of Bali.

A pattern of recent injuries and deaths have occurred in the tourism hotspot due to strong currents and powerful waves. As such a swimming ban was declared on the beach alongside Diamond Beach and Angel Billabong Beach which are both popular natural landmarks.

But, despite the warnings and the ban some reckless tourists have continued to swim on the beach – risking life and limb. While the secluded bay looks ideal for swimming with bright blue water and golden sand it is dangerous to do so.

The beach is one of the most instagrammed in the world. But, it is also well-known for being dangerous and is frequently attended by emergency services – no easy feat when it takes a sharp, steep stairway to access or a boat.

In fact, rescue teams in a boat and on the water were videoed trying to save a 19-year-old Brit using a rope. A strong wave had caused his leg to dislocate from the socket.

"We evacuated the victim by pulling them from the shoreline towards the centre, because during the evacuation the waves were quite high," Nusa Penida SAR Alert Unit Coordinator, Cakra Negara said in a statement.

It took an hour to evacuate the man and rush him to a hospital. Workers from Bali Search and Rescue, Nusa Penida Military Command, Nusa Penida Police, Nusa Medika Clinic, and Ocean Rider crew were all needed to perform the rescue.

The teenager is not the first to be seriously injured. In January, a 27-year-old tourist was swept out to sea from the beach. He was eventually recovered but suffered from a broken hip.

Just one day before a 32-year-old Russian woman dislocated her shoulder in the water also due to a powerful wave. But, a number of tragedies have also struck the beach.

In June, two tourists were killed when they tried to take selfies in the water, reports They were overpowered by a wave and dragged out to sea.

The cliff walk down to the beach has also caused injuries. In 2024, a safer alternative will be finished so that tourists do not endanger themselves. A 182m glass lift will descend down the cliff top with viewing points.

Tourists in Bali have become so unruly that the government has actually issued a guidebook. telling them how to behave. Holidaymakers have offended the local culture, put themselves in danger and broken laws such as stripping naked around sacred trees.

You should always listen to your tour guides safety advice and check online for swimming bans and warnings before risking your life abroad. You should also take out travel insurance that covers medical expenses in case of an accident.

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