Travel bag goes viral for fitting suitcase worth of holiday clobber in carry-on

Trying to squeeze a holiday worth of items into your carry-on can be a task and a half.

So, many opt to cough up for the often pricey checked-in luggage fee.

However, one product might just have saved the day for keen globe trotters and city breakers.

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Daize's 'Carry All Bag' – also known as the 'viral TikTok bag' – has attracted millions of views for its ability to hold your holiday outfits, without paying for a big suitcase.

The carry-on has plenty of compartments that all zip-up and fold into the bag, so you don't have to stuff it all in one space.

In a TikTok clip that racked up 9million views, the company demonstrated how the nifty bag worked.

"Never going back to checked in luggage," they wrote over the clip as they placed four pairs of shoes along with several dresses, shorts and bikinis into the pink bag.

"This bag fits all I need for a two week trip."

"Its a carry on only summer," Daize captioned their post in regards to the £65 bag.

And it looks like many people agree.

In awe of how much you could fit into the one carry-on bag, users fled to the comments to show their excitement over the product.

One person commented: "THIS IS SO SMART OMG."

Another user shared: "Okay I can confirm.

"I have this exact bag and just finished packing for two weeks international…it held EVERYTHING."

While a third voiced: "Damn this looks like something my boyfriend could carry around for me. Sold."

Although, some were worried about the lack of wheels.

One expressed: "I have back issues and I can’t carry heavy bags."

A second said: "Ugh wish it had wheel somewhere.

"You will never catch me carrying anything through the airport ever again."

And this user wrote: "Add some wheels to that bad boy I ain’t shehulk."

But, you should check the baggage requirements before each flight as airlines have different policies!

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