Travel hack to watch films hands-free when there’s no in-flight entertainment

An avid traveller has shared an amazing hack that allows you to watch videos hands-free while flying on budget airlines.

If you have ever gone for a short-haul trip on a cheap flight, you might have been disappointed by the lack of in-flight entertainment on offer.

But fear not, as this handy tip could save you next time you're bored on the plane.

Professional golfer Tyler McCumber, from the US, recently shared a trick he learned from watching TikTok videos.

He found out that a sickness bag can double up as a great DIY phone stand.

The trick is to place the paper bag in between the phone and the case and slip it into the gap between the food tray.

Tyler McCumber explained the instructions to, saying: "If you're on an older plane, they won't have screens.

"A lot of the planes that they're flying right now, they haven't had screens. So when your tray goes up, there's a little notch.

"So what I do is I take my phone, and I take my case off…then I take the throw-up bag, and you put it in your phone case and put your case back on.

"So you can hold your phone up, essentially, and then you put the bag in between the notch and the tray. That's how you watch TV."

Many viewers were taken by surprise, with one commenting: "This is so simple, why haven't I thought of this?"

A second joked: "This person comes from the future, how do people come up with these ideas?"

"This is genius, tell me why I was just on a plane yesterday and didn't think of this," a third added.

But others said they prefer to have enjoyed watching TV shows and movies without strangers peeking.

"I would like to have my privacy please, thank you," one joked.

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