Travel warning of how pickpockets can ‘identify’ tourists

Pickpockets often operate in crowded areas such as public transport stations and around busy tourist attractions.

A tourist asked on Reddit how they could themselves look less ‘touristy’ and avoid being targeted by thieves.

Another traveller ‘Chemical-Ad3878’ shared their advice which was to “walk with purpose” while out in a new city.

Pickpockets may find it easy to spot tourists if they look confused or are obviously using a map to navigate.

It’s a good idea for tourists to check their route before leaving the hotel so they don’t end up getting lost.

If tourists do become lost, they could stop at a cafe to check their route rather than look confused on the street.

Another tourist ‘rocketwikkit’ said: “I did an accidental experiment in Istanbul about a month ago.

“I walked through one of the tourist areas wearing a plain winter coat and none of the grifters talked to me.

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“Walked the same route again in just a t-shirt and got bugged a lot. For me the weather was perfectly fine, but for locals it was still ‘cold’ and so I identified myself as a foreigner.”

Tourists may be dressed for warmer weather than a local resident and could be identified through their clothing.

However, sometimes it’s impossible not to look like a tourist. Travellers can protect their belongings by using a flat money belt concealed under their clothes.

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Tourists should also try to leave any valuables in the hotel safe and should never take them into the city.

Travellers will need to be particularly careful in busy areas or at tourist attractions where they’re likely to be distracted.

Pickpockets may target selfie taking tourists who are unlikely to notice if someone reaches into their pocket.

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