Trip Notes travel podcast: Why Sri Lanka was the trip of a lifetime

While we continue to work from home, we’re taking a different approach to our Trip Notes podcast to keep your travel dreams alive, by bringing back some of our best travel stories published over the years.

In early 2019, when I visited Sri Lanka, it was a country on the up and up. It was consistently being named in “top places to visit” lists, and stylish influencer shots were flooding social media feeds, recommending it as the next cool place to go.

But I wanted to see it a bit differently – away from a tour bus or the standard tourist route – so I chose to explore it by bike. On a cycling holiday with Intrepid Travel, I quickly found getting around on two wheels was the best way to get a real sense of place.

In this latest episode of Trip Notes, Juliette Sivertsen reads my story Revolutionary Roads, which was first published in April 2019.

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