TripAdvisor review saying Lake District has ‘too many lakes’ has readers baffled

Brits on the web have been left giggling over an unusual review of the Lake District on TripAdvisor, reports the Mirror.

The review site can be handy to check whether and attraction or location is worth visiting – and everyday information such as ease of parking, available restaurants and toilets.

But, a recent complaint about the stunning region in Cumbria has many people baffled.

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The area of natural beauty hosts mountains, thick woodland and – as the name implies – lots of lakes.

But, one person, under the username FightingCoward, didn’t seem to get the hint about the landscape when heading to the Lake Distict.

Last year, they wrote in their review that there were “too many lakes” and that they “find lakes unpleasant” because they’re simply “too wet”…

Yes, we know, bizarre.

They titled the review: "Too many wet lakes!"

And, wrote: "As somebody who is not fond of lakes (too wet) I was expecting there to be some lakes but not this many!!

"By God there are lakes EVERYWHERE!! My advice is to steer clear if you find lakes unpleasant as they can't really be avoided."

On social media, Brits reacted to the confusing complaint.

One person replied: “The clue's in the name!"

While another said they should have “done their homework” so “they should have known how many lakes there are".

The Lakes are generally rated as excellent on TripAdvisor.

Most complaints about the region are about the expensive prices… not the number of lakes in the Lake District.

But, some other attractions and restaurants have also received odd reviews.

Last year, a review written from the perspective of a dog was ridiculed, with one person branding it "the single most cringeworthy thing I've read all year".

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The supposed pooch was scathing about the service it and its "pawrents" received from a bar manager.

Initially, the doggy day out was going swimmingly as the pooch received a tummy rub and its owners tucked into camembert and kroketten, unaware of the "horror" to come.

The crux of the canine's criticism was that it was forced to lay on "the cold, hard floor besides only feet, scraps and spillages", having been kicked off a lavish two-seater Chesterfield sofa.

A screenshot was posted on Reddit where people soundly mocked the poster.


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