TUI customers complain mattress at five-star resort was ‘worse than a dog’s bed’

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A family were horrified when they were given a stained mattress to sleep on at a five star TUI resort.

The Simpson family, from Hailsham, East Sussex, had spent £5,500 on their trip to Holiday Village in Majorca.

They arrived at their destination on July 18, but weren’t happy when they saw the bed given to 12-year-old Evie-Rose.

The family said the bed was “worse than a dog’s” as it was covered in questionable dark stains and splotches.

In a stark contrast to the crisp, white beds advertised online, it was a faded grey colour an had several of its support bars underneath.

The Simpsons also complained about a misshapen slat, which made sleeping difficult.

Evie-Rose, who had an ear infection at the time, also complained about being bitten by bugs.

Kelly Simpson, 49, claims the room was "infested" with ants that bit her, her husband and their daughter.

The mum, who has worked as a midwife throughout the pandemic, was so appalled that she took to social media on Tuesday [18 Aug] to complain.

She posted the images saying: "Enclosed are photos from the bed that my daughter was expected to sleep on in a five star hotel.

"TUI's response 'we are sorry'."

Kelly accused TUI of being “unhelpful” about their booking.

She said: "In November we booked a holiday, then came Covid.

"We really didn't want to go, but we were told we could only change the booking to 2021 with just £2,000 more to pay.

"Or go on our holiday with the TUI promise that it would be fine.

"£5500 for a holiday for a midwife, a frontline worker during a global pandemic, is a massive amount of money so we didn't want to lose out.

"Our daughter was poorly with bites and a bilateral ear infection and as I tried to sleep with her as she was in pain I realised how bad the bed was.

"I would expect my dog to have a better bed.”

Kelly added: “The room was also infested with ants.

"The staff treated the infestation four times, but they were still on our beds and clothing.

"Overall I'm disappointed. We booked a holiday in good faith.

"We upgraded to the best room available. The bed that my daughter had was meant for up to two people and it wasn't fit for purpose.

"The response from TUI shows how little they care about their customers.

"We have been booking with TUI for the past five years but we will not book with them again."

A TUI spokesperson has been approached for comment.

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