UK coastal location with ‘warmest water’ is the ideal place to take a dip

If summer 2022 was anything to go by, July 2023 will be a scorcher. And what better way to spend a hot day than by the beach?

Staycations became very popular during the pandemic when international travel became almost impossible.

But many Britons have maintained the tradition of UK holidaying despite the total easing of travel restrictions.

Outdoor clothing and equipment chain Millets named the top 10 coastal locations in England and Wales with the warmest waters. Head there in July or August for a lovely dip.

According to research by Millets, Clacton beach has the warmest waters of the coastal locations profiled at 18.2°C. It also has a 3/3 water quality score. 

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Clacton-on-Sea, located in the county of Essex, was named the fourth best coastal location in England and Wales, scoring 7.88 out of 10.

Folkestone Beach, located in Folkestone, came in in second place, recording a warmest water temperature of 18.0°C. The water quality of the main beach scored 2/3. 

Next up was Bognor Regis Beach located in Bognor Regis, which recorded its warmest water temperature at 17.8°C. The water quality of the main beach scored 2/3.

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Whitmore Bay Barry Island, located in Barry, boasted water with temperatures reaching 17.7°C, and water quality ⅔. 

Aside from Clacton Beach, Margate Beach, which recorded water temperatures of 17.7°C, was the only coastal location to receive a 3/3 for water quality on the main beach.

Worthing Beach took the sixth spot, followed by Hastings Beach, Jubilee Beach, Eastbourne Beach and West Beach. 

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Top 10 coastal locations in England and Wales with the warmest waters

1. Clacton Beach

2. Folkestone Beach

3. Bognor Regis Beach

4. Whitmore Bay Barry Island

5. Margate Beach 

6. Worthing Beach

7. Hastings Beach

8. Jubilee Beach

9. Eastbourne Beach 

10. West Beach

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