Virtual hiking: Man climbs imaginary Everest in 24 hours

An indoor trek might seem the perfect antidote to coronavirus boredom – but, not so fast! There are many perils in taking an imaginary walk, not all of them virtual.

Lest we forget, like Fanta and the VW Beetle, the virtual walk is a guilty pleasure invented by Nazis. After his sentencing for war crimes, Albert Speer took to pacing out his prison yard in Berlin reading the Baedeker travel guide. He described the project as “a battle against the endless boredom,” walking the streets of European capitals.

However while we might rightly eye those goose-stepping around their front garden with suspicion, there are some who have used the imaginary walk to go the extra mile for a good cause.

Last week ‘Captain Tom’ Moore a 99-year-old World War veteran walked 100 lengths of his front garden the to raise $24 million for the UK health service.

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