Walt Disney World, Thorpe Park and Alton Towers all have new rides for 2023

We're slowly getting closer to warmer spring days and more comfortable temperatures for fun days out with the family.

Alongside springtime and half term events theme parks around the world are getting ready to re-open – and that includes new rides.

For example Alton Towers is opening a terrifying new attraction later this year, which it's celebrating with a free pop-up event in London, while Thorpe Park will throw open its doors in March with an all new ride – Ghost Train.

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But, they're not the only thrill-seeker resorts to be launching new attractions in 2023.

Rollercoaster lovers are in for a big year as everyone from Disney to Chessington launches brand new rides.

AttractionTickets.comhas curated a list of the most anticipated rides set to open this year – we take a look at some of the best ones below, and have added some of our own top picks too!

TRON: Lightcycle Power Run

Where? Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Expected launch: Spring 2023

Embark on a journey unlike any other when you climb aboard the sleek TRON Lightcycle and race at lightning speeds through a futuristic universe.

Out-manoeuvre your opponents as you immerse yourself in this adrenaline-pumping sci-fi adventure.

Are you ready to experience the ultimate rush? Climb aboard and let the games begin.

Jumanji Coaster

  • Inside Chessington's World of Jumanji with new rollercoaster that opens in spring

Where? Chessington World of Adventures

Expected launch: Spring 2023

Will you brave the ancient portal and step into the fearsome and savage jungles of Jumanji?

The new rides that can be anticipated here include a wing rollercoaster and two flat rides, with much more being kept under wraps.

Prepare for Mamba Strikes, Mandrill Mayhem and an Ostrich Stampede all under the watchful eye of a 55 foot jaguar shrine, awaiting the jewel to lift the curse.

Will you escape unscathed? Book your Chessington World of Adventures tickets and prepare for an out-of-this-world jungle experience.



Expected launch: 2023

This all new amusement park in Austin, Texas has a brand new and highly anticipated addition: the Palindrome.

Traverse through space and time on this exhilarating tilt coaster – a slow, painstaking climb finds you on a dead-end peak on which you’ll tilt in mid-air before seesawing onto a sharp vertical decline.

You’ll reach velocities like no other as you glide through a series of inversions, bunny-hops and camelbacks so fasten your seatbelts.

The Curse at Alton Manor

Where? Alton Towers

Expected launch: Spring 2023

The Curse At Alton Manor will be a creepy haunted house sure to get the adrenaline pumping.

Although the resort hasn't revealed too much about the ride, it has promised that it will be its "most immersive dark ride to date".

The ride will be suitable for both adults and brave youngsters, and will use "special effects and visuals that have never been seen before from a UK theme park".

There isn't an exact opening date yet, but the resort has said it will open to the public in Spring.

Wildcat’s Revenge

Where? Hersheypark

Expected launch: Summer 2023

Accelerate to speeds of 60+mph as you stalk your prey and negotiate the world’s largest underflip and a spine chilling 83-degree drop. There is nothing stealthy about this coaster at HersheyPark in Pennsylvania.

Ghost train

Where? Thorpe Park

Expected launch: March 24, 2023

Thorpe Park is set to open harrowing new ride Ghost Train, taking brave souls into the realms beneath the resort to 'where the supernatural believers call home'.

It is set to be one of the UK’s longest ride experiences and will feature live actors and multisensory effects to create a terrifying concoction of thrills and horror it's worth every minute for those who love a scare.


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