Want to stay healthy while traveling? Just do the things you’re supposed to do already

Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Avoid crowds. If you’ve heard it once, you’ve probably heard it a hundred times. It’s proven advice for how to avoid getting sick when you travel.

But are there any new ways to stay healthy on the road?

Maybe. Before her recent trip from Reno, Nevada, to Appleton, Wisconsin, Shelley Hunter began taking Vitamin C supplements and practicing stricter social distancing. She also made sure she got plenty of extra sleep.

“I treat travel like an athletic event,” explains Hunter, who owns a small inn in Quincy, California. “On the day of travel, I avoided coffee and much food to limit my trips to the bathroom. I wore an N95 mask the entire day of travel. I also wore biking goggles to block the aerosols that could potentially land in my eyes.”

It seemed to work. Hunter returned home safely and infection-free. But which of those precautions are effective? And is there anything new that would help you avoid a COVID-19 infection on your next trip?

“With flu season upon us, we’re bound to see more illness,” says Bevan Versfeld, director of sales and marketing for Travelong of Summit, a travel agency in Summit, New Jersey.”We also see clients going through quite a bit of stress, which has affected their health. Avoiding getting sick while traveling is about following the right protocols.” 

Those steps range from getting a flu shot to eating the right foods and getting plenty of rest. It’s deceptively simple, say experts.

Get your shots now

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