Where you can go in Europe and the requirements needed from Spain to Croatia

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Many Brits are desperate to get some sun or even just to jet off for a cultural weekend away – thanks to the pandemic most of us haven’t been abroad in over two years!

Now that everything’s died down travel is back on the list of things we’re willing to do. But, we all have to be careful that we don’t book holidays to countries that won’t accept us.

For example, anyone who is trying to nip to Vienna will be disappointed as Austria is currently in lockdown.

But, if you’re fully vaccinated then you’re luckily able to travel to many countries outside of Britain. However, we know it can be confusing to know where you’re able to go.

So, check out some of the top destinations below and the latest news on whether you can enter them.


Unfortunately, our Aussie cousins are in lockdown until December 13.

If you want to go after that you’ll need proof of full vaccination, have recovered from Covid, or a negative PCR test.


The Netherlands is in a “semi-lockdown” with an 8pm curfew on bars and restaurants and limitations set until at least December 4.

A Dutch Covid Pass is required for bars, restaurants and museums (download via Dutch CoronaCheck app). Handshaking is banned.

But, room service food and takeaway food is possible after 8pm.


Many Christmas markets in Europe have been cancelled including Munich, but you can still enter the country.

You can enter without a test if fully vaccinated. Accompanied unvaccinated children under 12 may go without a test.

You will need to complete a departure form and be fully vaccinated or have a recent negative test certificate to enter bars and restaurants.


From December 15, over-65s must have had a booster jab for indoor venues. Anyone who wants to ski needs to be fully vaccinated or have proof of a negative test taken within 72 hours.


If you want to nip to Dubrovnik you’ll be OK so long as you’re fully jabbed, recovered or can prove a recent negative test.


The Swiss are allowing UK travellers in with an NHS Covid pass but masks are mandatory in indoor public places and on ski lifts.


You need a Covid green pass to go to restaurants or bars, but fully vaccinated tourists can enter with a passenger locator form. You will need a negative test within 48 hours of departure.


Covid numbers are up so you need to be fully jabbed or have proof of a recent negative test and a Health Control Form.

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