Why tourists should head to Wales for their next staycation

A group of drinkers huddle under a temporary marquee outside The Unicorn pub, sheltering from the driving rain. It’s the first weekend since lockdown began that Wales is open to tourists, and, in true British holiday spirit, it’s absolutely chucking it down.

Not that it seems to bother anyone in Dolgellau, North Wales. Since 13 July, pubs, cafes and restaurants with ‘outside space’ have been allowed to serve food and drink, and people are making the most of it – even if it means getting a bit wet in a repurposed car park.

Llinos Rowlands, owner of Gwin Dylanwad Wine, a bar and wine shop which shares the makeshift outdoor space with The Unicorn, is just happy to see people back in Wales – whatever the weather. “We couldn’t survive without tourism. I’d say that maybe 40 per cent of the people that come are visitors,” she says. As I sit drinking coffee at one of Llinos’ small blue tables, it feels nice to finally be a tourist again. Although it almost didn’t happen.

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