Woman shares ‘reality of skiing trips’ including ‘sun beard’ and ‘lots of farts’

Most people think of skiing holidays as glamorous affairs where people get picturesque mountain snaps and wear cute snow bunny outfits.

However, influencer Izzie Rodgers has shared the 'true reality' of skiing trips on her Instagram page with her 218,000 followers.

The social media star shared a post where she detailed all the things you don't usually see – from hat hair to 'lots of farts'.

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Izzie first decided to share a photo of her 'sun beard' with fan that she'd picked up on the slopes, as she showed fans the bottom half of her face had suffered from some sun burn.

She was then seen crying while having a panic attack on the ski lift, followed by a snap of her collapsed on the floor from 'exhaustion'.

Izzie was then seen bending forward as she told fans there was a 'lot of farts' while she was skiing, while in another snap she showed off her 'hat hair' to followers.

This was followed by a photo of her 'dry bogies' – and a photo of her crouching as she admitted she'd suffered from knee pain.

Izzie finished the post with a photo of her enjoying a nap and looking tense as her coach 'drove 1cm away from cliff drops'.

Captioning the post, she said: "Skiing, but make it real. These photos will forever make me laugh.

"Skiing really isn’t as glamorous as the pictures – sun burn, exhaustion, hat hair and a lot of farts, also believe it or not that crying picture is real and you will see the full footage in the vlog,"

She added: "Hope these made you giggle. LOVE YOU CHICKENS."

Fans were loving the honest post, as one told her: "All these photos make me miss my ski seasons! So much fun!"

Another added: "Had me giggling, love your pictures – thank you for sharing. I hope you had a fabulous time."

While a third chimed in: "Omg I love you so much. You show me that it’s okay just to be a normal person."

The post comes after body positive beauty Izzie was seen showing off her 'belly pouch' as she posed in a bikini on her hotel balcony while on the trip.


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