Woman slammed for saying you should be ‘ladylike’ and ‘cover up’ on beach

A woman has been slammed for saying that others should act like a ‘lady’ on the beach and 'cover up'.

Sofia Marbella is an actress, personal advisor and also is on a mission to install “good manners back in fashion”.

The brunette beauty often shares advice to her 2.1million TikTok followers on how to act and appear classy – from how to eat cake to crossing legs.

However, this time around Sofia has focused on how to practice beach etiquette – and it has caused a bit of a stir.

The hot weather is finally upon us and with flights hopefully jetting off abroad, being on the beach will be a common location for many.

But, Sofia has shared that one rule women should apply when frolicking around the sands and beachside resorts.

In the clip that has racked up 2.5m views, the etiquette enthusiast declared: “A bikini is a swimsuit not streetwear!”

As she got up from the sun lounger, Sofia covered her strapless black swimsuit and long legs with a yellow kimono.

“Always cover up at the beach before entering a restaurant or lobby areas”, Sofia urged as she dazzled in a pair of sunglasses.

Sofia then sat down with most of her body covered as she smiled at the camera and stuck her thumb up.

She wrote in the caption: “Be ladylike at the beach and let's keep it classy.”

Despite the stunner offering her ladylike etiquette tips, not everyone agreed with what she had to say.

One woman blasted: “Or we can do what we want.”

Another accused: “Took us 200 years back.”

Whilst a third slammed: “Ummmm no. Wear what you want & people mind their own business.”

Someone else confessed: “If I’m at the beach or a resort, best bet I’m walking around in my bathing suit.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person noted: “Honey I go to the gym so I can walk around in a bikini as much as possible.”

However, some others defended Sofia for sharing her tips on how to keep classy when soaking up the sun.

This user supported: “I don't understand why people hate on this account when she's just giving tips for etiquette, it's not for everyone.”

A second praised: “Someone finally said it. Thank you.”

Another reckoned: “Some of you have never been to a classy beach or pool restaurant with rules/dress codes and it shows.”

And, a fourth shared: “These comments prove class can’t be taught.”

Someone else questioned: “I don't know what you guys are on?

“It's normal to cover up when you’re going to a restaurant or lobby, not just women but also men.”

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