World’s best sunsets are in ‘beautiful’ European hotspot

According to research from Celebrity Cruises, one in five holidaymakers aren’t happy with their holiday until they’ve seen a sunset. In a survey, tourists voted for Europe’s best and most breathtaking sunset.

Europe’s best destinations for sunsets

  1. Greek islands
  2. Spain
  3. Canary Islands
  4. Italy
  5. UK
  6. Portugal
  7. Norway
  8. Balearic Islands
  9. Iceland
  10. Turkey

The beautiful Greek islands were the most popular choice with almost 30 percent of surveyed holidaymakers choosing the destination.

Greece’s islands are some of the country’s top holiday hotspots and tourists are sure to enjoy a sunset while there.

One of the country’s most popular islands is Santorini, a Cyclades island located in the Aegean Sea.

The Castle of St Nicholas is the island’s best-rated spot on Tripadvisor and the perfect place to enjoy views.

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A tourist ‘Holzfrog’ wrote on the review platform: “Nice vantage point. Easy to get to as long as you don’t mind the crowds. Old ruins of a castle, free, beautiful views of the top of Oia. Worth a visit.”

If British tourists are looking for a more secluded Greek sunset, they might want to head to a less popular island.

Quieter islands such as Naxos and Milos will offer tourists a more peaceful stay with equally stunning sunsets.

Spain was close behind the islands on the sunset list, with over 20 percent of Britons ranking them the best.

Britons might like to head to the beaches of the Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca to enjoy a particularly atmospheric sunset.

Spain dominated the list with the Canary and Balearic Islands also ranking within the top 10.

Granada was recently named one of Spain’s cheapest destinations and could be an ideal spot to enjoy a sunset over the city’s iconic Alhambra.

Italy took fourth place on the list with just under 20 percent of the votes while Portugal gained over 15 percent to land in sixth place.

Staycationing Britons won’t miss out however, as the UK was rated the fifth best place in Europe to see a sunset.

Around 17 percent of holidaymakers thought the British Isles were the best place to watch the sun go down.

Stonehenge and the London Eye are two of the UK’s best-rated destinations to watch the sunset.

Stonehenge is also one of the UK’s best places to watch the sunrise and tourists may escape the crowds by doing so.

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