Cruise guest explains how to choose the right cabin

Mega cruise ships, such as the world’s biggest, usually have a huge range of cabins for guests to choose from.

Icon of the Seas, set to be the world’s largest ship when it launches next year, will even have a family suite with slides.

But what’s the best type of room for cruise passengers who don’t need a suite? 

Reddit user ‘NotElizaHenry’ said: “I’ve only been on one cruise and it was a ship that didn’t have much to do on it, so I spent a fair amount of time in my room.

“The balcony was amazing. I’m not one for standing and thoughtfully looking at landscapes, but I turned into that person every time I stepped outside. There’s something special about watching the water move past with the ocean breeze in your face. The balcony made the whole trip like 50 percent more enjoyable.”

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Balcony cabins are usually the most expensive option, with interior rooms the cheapest option. In an interior room, guests won’t have any windows.

If a balcony room seems too expensive but guests want to be able to see out, an ocean view room is usually the best choice.

Another Reddit user said: “I may be a bit of a snob here but I believe that once you have a balcony room, it is very difficult to go back to an interior room. I highly recommend it. Almost all of my bookings are with balconies.

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“Balcony rooms are much larger, the views can be amazing and you really do get a feel that you are travelling. It can also be very quiet and private when at sea.”

However, the guest warned new passengers that their balcony room might not look out over the ocean on some of the biggest ships.

They said: “Please note that I am talking about an ocean view. On some ships there are balcony rooms that overlook the central promenade. Your view will be of other cabins and a central courtyard. It can be noisy.”

A balcony overlooking the central promenade could be an excellent choice for people watchers but guests won’t get much peace and quiet.

A guest added: “To me, balconies only make sense if you use them. Will you spend time drinking coffee in your room? Wine in the evening? Are you trying to escape other people?

“For me, I know I’d spend little time there as I’d prefer to be out watching a show, listening to a band, or sitting at a bar. It has to be very cheap for me to book a balcony.”

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