Important item to pack for a cruise that ‘British tourists swear by’

Packing for a cruise holiday can be challenging for tourists holidaying on the sea for the first time. Although Britons won’t need to worry about liquid limits, there are other things to consider.

Luckily Lee Dobson, travel expert at TravelCity, has shared his essential items to pack for a cruise with

Lee told “Tea bags. Many British tourists swear by their specific brand or type of tea which might not be available onboard.”

Drinks aren’t always included on a cruise and tourists might find they have to pay for a cup of tea during the day.

Even if tea bags are included in the price of a cruise, tourists might struggle to find their favourite brand, particularly if the company is based outside the UK.

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Lee told he always brings a travel adapter for a cruise holiday. This means Britons won’t be caught short once they’re onboard.

He said: “Depending on the ship’s origin, the sockets might not be UK standard.”

Cruise passengers may need to have a European or US adapter if they’re taking electronics onboard.

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He added: “Non slip shoes. While most cruises ensure their decks are slip resistant, it’s always a good idea, especially if you’re planning to engage in activities.”

If the weather’s bad the ship’s deck could become slippery and British tourists could be at risk of falling.

It’s a good idea to pack non-slip shoes to avoid any incidents and tourists should also bring good walking shoes for days out in the city.

Lee told “Bring a highlighter to highlight daily activities you’re interested in from the ship’s daily newsletter.”

Although some ships now post the daily activities to an online app, some ships still print a daily newsletter.

A highlighter will help passengers to stay on top of activities, particularly if their cruise itinerary includes lots of sea days.

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