English village is the ‘most beautiful place to visit in autumn’

As autumn rolls in, Britain can expect dramatic changes in colors, making it one of the best times to visit the country’s most iconic landscapes.

Home to some of the most dramatic scenery in the British Isles is Yorkshire, and nestled on its coasts is a town that has been described as the “most beautiful English village to visit this autumn”.

This claim comes from travel guru @sarahkhagan, who shared footage of the quaint village in a TikTok clip that went viral with more than 15,900 likes.

The content creator’s stunning video is a prime example of why, Runswick Bay, in North Yorkshire, deserves the title of top holiday destination this autumn.

The bay hangs on the very edge of a cliff at the northern end of the Yorkshire coast. It has been described in countless blogs as one of the region’s most scenic coastal destinations.

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The town is dotted with picturesque red fishing cottages that offer sweeping views of the ocean and sheltered bay.

The area was originally a fishing village which has gone through considerable changes since it was destroyed by landslides, the most dramatic of which destroyed the entire cliffside in 1682.

The sandy beach, which once provided anchorage for brightly coloured fishing boats, is now a favourite spot for rock pooling and fossil hunting.

Runswick Bay is also conveniently located along the Cleveland Way; a famous walking route that spans the Cleveland coastline.

Hikers can enjoy a simple walk along the Runswick Bay clifftop to enjoy better views of the area or wander further afield to see the industrial workings at Kettleness.

It is little surprise that the town’s stunning hiking trails and unparalleled views make such a profound impact on travelers like @sarahhagan.

Many viewers rushed to the comments of her clip to share an appreciation for the town, with one writing: “I traveled from Australia in February to here just for this scenery. It was the best part of my trip.

Another user penned: “The whole of North Yorkshire is beautiful, especially on winter weekdays, no crowds.”

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