Extreme sex club boasts 48-hour parties with ‘dirty stuff’ where ‘anything goes’

Brits who love to party during their holidays often head to hotspots like Ibiza and Magaluf. There’s also cheap destinations like Belgrade, in Serbia, for £1 beers and Sunny Beach – where tourists go to pull and down cheap shots.

But, in a bit of a vibe switch there’s also a great party hub in Germany – where some clubs even let you have sex on the dance floor. The nation’s capital city is known for its grunge style, graffiti, techno and electric dance music.

Plus, of course, one of the worlds most famous nightclubs. Berghain, in Berlin, has been running club nights since 2004 when it was opened by friends Norbert Thormann and Michael Teufele – and is now known as the "world capital of techno".

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The two friends got their start as party promoters who hosted a male-only fetish club before founding original cub Ostgut in 1999. The hotspot was known for its encouragement of sexual freedom and wild parties, but when it shut down Berghain was born.

Bergain’s setting is ultra-industrial in a former heating plant with a huge main room, 18 metre ceilings and plenty of edgy steel and concrete. The main room focuses on techno music while a smaller room upstairs plays thumping house sounds.

But, it’s just the music that made this nightclub famous – it’s also known for hedonism and dark rooms dedicated to sex. Downstairs there is a male-only spot that Rolling Stone dubbed "Berlin’s most extreme sex club".

You might not believe that people are openly getting it on in this dark and excessive nightclub – but reviews of TripAdvisor claim it’s very much the reality. To preserve people’s privacy no photos are allowed inside Berghain and you even have to cover your phone camera with a sticker.

Not only do people head to Berghain for a night out – but sometimes a whole weekend. People apparently enter the club, dance for hours, have a nap somewhere in a corner and then carry on partying for days on end.

You can imagine how much of a mess most of us would look after days of drinking and dancing – so the loos have no mirrors in them, rumoured to be so that people don’t get a shock when they look at themselves.

The bars sell booze, but also apparently condoms and ice cream. There’s also a hot food van outside and reports claim that many people simply bring a pack up with them.

On TripAdvisor, one party-goer wrote: "Place is insane, very loud pumping techno in the main room and more groovy beats. Some naughty humans doing dirty stuff in some areas of the club. Place smells of sex as smoking is not allowed inside. All in all an unforgettable experience NOT for the faint hearted. We partied for 16 hours straight. Booze is affordable."

A local added: "I had the best weekend of my life there, the best techno music I've ever heard and everybody feel free to do anything that they want, always respecting each other. I've never been in a place like that and I totally recommend it if you're into techno music and an environment that can be considered one of the most liberal you could ever see in your life.

"Don't come if you're looking for posh places or if you don't wanna see people having sex around you (because this can easily happen)."

While a Dutch tourist said: "The interior was totally awesome and so were the people. It had a goth kinda feeling with those big candles on the bars and people in leather. Best way to describe this club is comparing it to the club scene's in The Matrix trilogy.

"It was so intense. I do understand why the door policy is so strict. There is a lot of sexual stuff going on, I saw men having sex in one of the corners of the dance floor.

"If you can't handle stuff like that, don't bother going. You're not gonna get in anyway." Another commented: "Don't be surprised if you see a naked person or more running around the space."

Even a Brit added: "The clubs crazy to the fact that so many different types of people are inside and pretty much anything goes, and it's true bout the sex rooms people are just having sex inside the club and no one bats an eyelid." One person added: "You won't notice time passing here… Berliners spend 48 hours dancing."

Now, for those who have already got their shoes on ready to jet off to Berlin you should be aware of one thing. The other reason Berghain is so famous? It’s incredibly hard to get in. There’s a strict door policy, the bouncers get to decide who heads inside – and there’s no rule book or dress code you can try to follow. You might also end up queueing for hours at a time.

TikTok is covered in videos of tourists doing their best to dress in an unusual way to enter the space. Some go for the classic all-black outfit, others try wearing fetish gear, men wear dresses, women wear lingerie – and many are still turned away for reasons unknown.

According to those who have made it in it’s more about your "vibe" than your outfit. Reviewers offering tips to get in include going on a Sunday morning, going alone and being "extremely open minded" though one added that wearing leather pants was also a good idea.

Chris, from Harrow, UK noted: "Tips: come in twos, don't speak in queue, wear black and wait to be spoken to once [you] reach the front. Learning basic German words might help."

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