Meghan Markle’s baby shower New York hotel has a problem with rats

One of New York’s grandest hotels, The Mark, has a rat infestation. The hotel hosted Meghan Markle’s baby shower in 2019 in The Penthouse Suite, welcoming the likes of Serena Williams, Amal Clooney and Jessica Mulroney.

According to reports, guests have recently found mice sharing their quarters. Last week, a mother and daughter who were having lunch at the exquisitely designed Caviar Kaspia restaurant within the hotel, spotted two large rodents shuffling under the tables just feet away from them.

“It was just awful. We were having a mother-daughter lunch. We dined on potato with caviar and a glass of champagne each,” one of the women said.

“We were enjoying it and having a nice time. We then had a sorbet as a palate cleanser, after that we planned to go shopping.

“Next thing, my daughter gasped and shouted out there were two rats sitting under a table four feet away from us.”

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“A waiter approached as I was getting my phone out to take a picture but stood in front of me before I could do it explaining: ‘Oh I know – it’s a problem in New York, we are very sorry,'” she told the Daily Mail.

A worker told the publication: “We did have a problem. We were told it was handled. We hired a company that came in and they told us they took care of the entire problem. They said that they were here [Caviar Kaspia] when we were closed overnight.

“I saw the receipt they did come in and we’ve had no problem since then – it was probably two weeks since they came in.”

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The lavish hotel is where stars such as Vogue’s Anna Winter, Cara Delevigne, and Gigi Hadid often pose for pictures outside before heading off to New York’s premier fashion event, The Met Gala.

The hotel’s star factor was firmly cemented when Meghan Markle hired the hotel’s $ 75,000-a-night penthouse for her baby shower.

A harpist was in residence to create a calming mood and there were gifts galore for the guests including suitcases and roses.

The hotel is a mix of high French style with American sensibilities with bold geometric prints and elegant furnishings, designed by French visionary Jacques Grange.

A spokeswoman for The Mark said: ‘The Mark takes rodent claims very seriously, and as such has several weekly pest control services come through the property.

‘While there was a recent complaint from two diners, which our management addressed promptly, there have never been reported sightings from any staff at Caviar Kaspia of rats or mice.

‘Subsequent visits from our pest control have not verified the presence of any rodents or droppings in Caviar Kaspia.’

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