Packing technique is ‘a lifesaver’ to ‘truly maximise space’

Packing for a holiday is usually the worst part of any trip away. A travel expert shared the best way to minimise stress with his “lifesaver” technique.

Nick Kembel, travel blogger at , shared his best packing tips to solve the “conundrum” with

He told “First things first, rolling clothes? Totally a lifesaver. Having journeyed from bustling city meetings to secluded beach huts, I’ve found rolling minimises those pesky wrinkles and truly maximises space.

“My little secret? Nestling the sturdier, less wrinkle-prone stuff in the middle while the delicate items get the outer layer.

“Now, there’s a bit of debate in the travel community about rolling versus folding. I say, why not both? Bulky stuff like sweaters?

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“Give them a good fold. But remember, each trip is unique, and sometimes your packing strategy might just need to adapt.”

Rolling clothes typically uses less space and stops clothes becoming wrinkled. Packing hand luggage only can be a struggle, but a flight attendant has revealed their best tips to beat the restrictions.

Nick added: “Packing cubes. These little wonders have transformed the way I pack. Especially the compressible ones, they’re like having little mini compartments in your luggage.

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This Hayayu backpack measures 40 x 20 x 25cm once filled, making it the perfect under-seat bag that won’t risk excess fees at the airport. 

This backpack comes with handy storage compartments and a USB charging port. And, measuring 40 x 20 x 25cm, it meets Ryanair’s small bag size guide. 

This holdall by the brand Lossga was designed specifically for Ryanair, measuring 40 x 20 x 25cm but also has a handy, zip compartment which can be used to expand the bag to 45 x 36 x 20cm.

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“They’re not just about saving space, but they also keep things organised, making those airport security checks less of a headache.”

Packing cubes can also be a lifesaver for tourists travelling with children. The cubes can be placed straight into drawers without needing to be unpacked.

If tourists are packing in a rush, unfortunately it’s likely they might forgot to throw a few items in the case.

Nick said: “I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen folks forgetting their chargers. My advice?

“Always have your laptop and smartphone chargers close in your hand luggage. And cables? Bundle them up, pop them into a pouch and you’re golden.”

British tourists could keep their chargers in a pouch so they don’t forget them. Travellers were recently warned to avoid using USB public chargers as they could be scammed.

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