Things you should never do on plane – from using loo roll to sleeping on window

Going on holiday is exciting and boarding the plane for your journey is part of that.

But, it seems that there are some things you should avoid doing at 35,000ft.

We don't just mean things that are annoying to other passengers – but some that are unhygienic and could make you unwell, some that are simply gross and others that are incredibly rude.

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Flight attendants have explained the things they would recommend you avoid doing on a flight.

Cabin crew member Tommy Cimato noted that some things should never be done on a plane – these include wearing certain clothing or falling asleep in prime spots.

"Do not fall asleep or lean your head on the window," says Tommy.

"You are not the only one that has done that and you don't know how many people or children have wiped their hands or other things all over the window."

He also warns passengers about not wearing shorts and imparted the sort of advice that once you’ve heard you’ll probably never forget.

"Don’t or try not to wear shorts when you're on an airplane," Tommy continued.

"It's the same thing as the window – you never know how clean it's going to be, so if you have pants, you're going to have less germs."

Basically, you do not want your bare legs touching the seat – they rarely get cleaned and just imagine all the sweat, scabs and smelly bits that have wiped their way across it.

Tommy also recommended never touching the flush button in the plane's lavatory.

It seems obvious, but many people assume the flush gets cleaned throughout the flight – spoiler alert: it doesn't.

Commercial flights can carry from 50 to 600 passengers on every plane.

Imagine how many people are using the loo, touching their genitals, changing sanitary wear, cleaning dirty nappies off their kids and picking their nose and then touching the toilet flush.

Do you really want to be the hundredth person to touch that button? Don't touch the flush bare handed!

He said: "Do not ever touch the flush button with your bare hands. It's honestly just super unsanitary and pretty gross, so when you flush, use a napkin or tissue that's in the lavatory."

Tommy's not the only flight attendant with a hygiene warning about the toilet. Brenda Orelus, from Miami, has worked in the skies for nine years and posts about her life on TikTok, @flightbae.b.

She says that you should use the tissues in the loo rather than the toilet paper.

Brenda explained: "Little boys who are pointing and shooting, they kinda point and shoot everywhere so that usually ends up on the toilet paper."

Deanna Castro, a flight attendant with 16 years of service under her belt, also shared her top advice.

Deanna told InsideHook: "When boarding, it’s polite to step into your row and allow other passengers to pass behind you. It’s okay to take a few extra minutes to get ready, but please step into the aisle and wait for a lull in traffic."

She continued: "Moving out of the way also extends to mid-flight when you are sitting in your seat – and don't spread out into the aisle.

"When you are dangling body parts into the aisle, flight attendants can trip and get hurt. Not only that, but you could get hurt — especially from a cart."

The flight attendant also noted that you shouldn’t hand sick bags to the crew.

She said: "Place it under your seat. We can give you an extra bag to wrap it up in, but please don’t push that hot steaming bag of vomit into a flight attendant’s hands."

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