UK city is ‘hotbed of affairs’ for Brits booking secret raunchy weekends

A website for cheaters has shown that one Northern city is a UK hotbed for sex and filthy affairs. Apparently, Brits after an affair often sign up for cheating site Ashley Madison around the festive season – and one staycation spot is the most riddled with adulterers.

Ashley Madison revealed that Salford was the top UK city for those seeking to have an undercover sex session with someone who isn’t their partner. Salford, in Greater Manchester, is also home to a great Christmas market, theatres, art galleries and museums – but apparently it’s the city most populated by underhand Brits looking for some no-strings fun with strangers.

Ashley Madison is a bit like a dating site – except that users aren’t actually single. It’s full of Brits who are married or in relationships looking for similar people to get freaky with on the sly. There are plenty of hotels in the area from the cheaper options of the Premier Inn and Travelodge to fancy options like The Lowry Hotel at over £370 a night.

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It had the most people signed up to the dating website-per-capita of anywhere in the country between October 2022 and February 2023. Meaning it’s full of cheats looking to hook up and get their rocks off.

Lucy Beresford, relationship expert and psychotherapist, told the Mirror: "Salford is the hot bed of affairs at the moment. One of the heads of Ashley Madison has suggested they should work together with Salford as the capital of infidelity. Manchester is second in the list so there is obviously something in the water up there."

So if you’re looking for somewhere for a night out with your partner maybe avoid Salford – you never know if they’ll catch the wandering eyes! Those who are a little more open however could head to the UK’s polyamory capital.

Polyamorous people both agree to seek romantic or sexual kicks outside of their partnership. It’s a little less cruel than Salford’s cheating chaps and lasses as there’s full consent between all parties to get freaky with other people.

Margate, on the southeast coast in Kent, is the UK’s polyamory capital where the most Brits who are willing to open up their relationship live. The town has been popular for generations, thanks to its large, golden beach, tidal pool and amusement arcades.

However, it looks like it’s not just people who love sunbathing who are moving to the Kent town sometimes called the "British Ibiza". Polyamorous individuals are apparently flooding the town. According to some locals, they’re even likely to bump into their lovers while they’re out with other partners.

As the town only has a population of about 60,000 people, it seems the awkward encounters might be fairly common – especially if you’re by the beach or in the Old Town. Thankfully, as everything’s consensual it’s unlikely to lead to a fist fight if you do meet a former lover while with your partner unlike in Salford where things could get messy for anyone caught cheating.

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