Woman slams influencers’ ‘fake’ trips as hers is full of ‘urine and crime’

A holidaymaker has come under fire online after sharing her "truth" about popular European holiday spots. The tourist slated cities in Italy and Spain for numerous reasons – and said the continent isn’t "all it’s cracked up to be".

Mikaela Testa, an Australian, with 2.4million followers @mikaelatesta, posted a video clip of herself in Italy on the beautiful island of Capri. The destination, in the Bay of Naples, is famous for its fancy hotels, stunning vistas and rugged landscape.

Visitors often praise the glorious sunny weather, bright blue sea, pretty beaches and designer shops. There’s also the Blue Grotto – an ocean cavern where the seawater glows a bright electric blue. But, it didn’t much impress Mikaela.

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"Influencers come to these locations and make them look so pretty and so photogenic and so amazing, but half of it is edited and filtered and just not real," she said. "I hardly see anyone mentioning any negatives, I don’t even want to mention them because I don’t want to be that b***h."

Listing everything she disliked about Capri, and Italy in general, she commented: "It takes the entire day to walk to a location you want to go to." Mikaela also said she felt like she had burnt 3,000 calories a day due to walking up and down stairs.

Plus, she added that the heat was unbearable and she had to pour water on herself to cool down. While it seems like she hated the city, Mikaela did preface the video by saying that she had been in Europe for a long time and was at a point where she "hated everything".

She said that after travelling for three months with her pals she was "dying to go home". Mikaela noted: "We’re just hating, we’re being negative, you get to a point in life where you start to hate everything around you and you just need something stable.

"Like my own bed, my own TV and my cats." However, Mikaela didn’t just complain about Capri – she also criticised Barcelona in Spain.

In another video she told holidaymakers to "skip Barcelona". The city is known for its impressive Sagrada Familia, sandy beaches, great food and modernist landmarks.

However, Mikaela thought it wasn’t worth a visit. She said: "I stand in p*ss every single day, this place stinks, and it’s horrible.

"It’s 8pm, and yes we’re wearing pyjamas outside because there is no point in looking good for this city," She added that her friends had their phones stolen and that they were bored in Barcelona.

However, in the comments some people dragged her for her point of view. One person said that Barcelona was "amazing" to which Mikaela added: "Why does nobody mention the negatives like literally urine puddles EVERYWHERE and major crime, violence and theft in daylight!"

Others pointed out that she and her friends were wearing hats and warm Ugg boots but then complaining about the heat. Another commenter said: "Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe."

While another noted: "I’ve lived in six different countries, Barcelona is by far my favourite city. It’s beautiful and the vibes as immaculate."

However, others agreed with her. One woman said: "Barcelona was so rough for me. My phone and wallet got stolen."

While another commented: "I just got back from Barcelona and I feel the exact same as you…was not for me."

On her Capri video, a bloke said: "Bruh seeing someone hate ur dream life is just soul crushing." While another added: "Try to appreciate it when your there cause when you look back, you realise how amazing it really was."

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