The swing's the thing at Montana Redonda in the Dominican Republic

Getting on a swing on a recent visit to the Dominican Republic conjured images of my childhood, which was spent on playgrounds and equipment that by today’s safety standards would seem horrifying, maybe even life-threatening. But the swings at Montana Redonda, in the Miches area of the D.R., offer a far different experience from my youth.

These swings are located 1,000 feet above sea level and offer spectacular 360-degree views of the ocean and Dominican countryside — I heard the term “Instagrammable” more than once. Photos give the illusion of gravity defiance high above in a precarious position, although the swings are far enough from the mountain’s edge that safety is not an issue. Guests young and old took turns getting on the swings, many handing cameras to friends to capture the moment but a few others others just living in the experience.

The swings themselves are pretty much the kind you’d find on any playground. Guests can give themselves a push start, but there also seemed to be employees on hand to help get you going. They’re free to use, although you do have to pay to get up there: Because of the rocky and steep terrain going uphill, a specialty vehicle takes passengers up the mountain.

There are many other activities for guests at Montana Redonda, as well, including four-wheeling, horseback riding and ziplining; there is a charge for each of these experiences. For the less adrenaline-inclined, a restaurant at the top of the mountain offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, with dishes including seafood, BBQ and pasta served with panoramic views. Excursions vary in length and price. Various area resorts and tour operators offer excursions to the mountain, including transportation.

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