British tourists warned of the ‘cardinal sin’ on a flight

Flights can be uncomfortable at the best of times but bad behaviour from a fellow passenger could put travellers off for life.

The expert travel team at KAYAK asked Britons which behaviour is and isn’t acceptable on a flight.

Bad behaviour can start before Britons have even set foot on the stairs to the plane. Over 60 percent of Britons said it was annoying when fellow travellers didn’t listen to security staff.

Queue jumping in the security line was also a big no-no for many Britons with 43 percent of travellers saying they found it annoying.

However, according to comedian Maisie Adam, there’s one on plane behaviour that most Britons can’t stand.

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Maisie said: “The cardinal sin for me is all about headphones. Honestly, there should be a special place for people who watch videos on their phone with no headphones, listen to music without headphones, or heaven forbid, take a phone call on a loudspeaker.

“Take away their toilet privileges, or even better, make them get off the plane last!”

Listening to music or watching videos without headphones is a “cardinal sin” while flying, according to Maisie.

If travellers forget their headphones before a flight, they could try asking the flight attendants if the airline has a pair they can use.

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Many flight arguments break out over seating with passengers asking to swap seats or reclining their seat among the most annoying behaviours.

Despite this, nine in 10 of KAYAK’s survey respondents said that it was okay to recline your seat but almost half said people should ask for permission first.

Around one in five said it was only okay to recline a seat if passengers were travelling on a long or overnight flight.

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While it’s more common in the USA, passengers clapping after a flight was also considered one of the most annoying behaviours in the air. Around 35 percent of people thought it was annoying.

An ettiquette expert recently said they considered clapping at the end of a flight one of the rudest things a passenger could do.

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