Cheapest months to travel in 2024 – and one includes school holidays

Brits love a holiday but don’t always want to pay full whack for one – especially not when it’s set to cost thousands.

Thankfully, for those who can jet off at any time of year, there are savings to be made when booking your trip away. A new study discovered the cheapest months to travel to various hotspots so you can save cash on your next holiday.

Whether you’re after a week away in Greece, Spain, Italy, Japan or Thailand there’s a particular month that costs less than all the others – and you just need to be smart about booking.

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The travel experts at Bounce analysed the average nightly cost of a 3* hotel, comparing both months of the year and days of the week, in 60 of the most popular tourist destinations across the globe. In doing so they found the cheapest times of year to book a hotel room depending on your destination.

The cheapest overall month was January – luckily for us as we still have time to book before jetting off. The study found that the first month of the year will cost you the least if you’re heading to Athens, Denpasar, Lisbon, Barcelona, Antalya, Prague, Rome, Dublin, Amsterdam, Berlin, Seoul, Vienna, Toronto, London or Hanoi in Vietnam.

January is the cheapest month on average, being the most affordable time for 15 destinations, including London, Amsterdam, and Berlin. For example, Berlin is 48% cheaper in January than in September.

Meanwhile those wanting to travel to Florence, Venice, Budapest, Agra, New York City, Vancouver, Milan, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Brussels, Paris or Ho Chi Minh City should wait until February. That way they’ll get the cheapest deal.

February was the second best value month, being the cheapest month for 12 popular destinations, including New York City, Paris, and Milan, showing that the post-Christmas winter season is the most affordable time to travel. You will save 56% of your money if you visit New York City in February rather than December.

Finally, for jet setters who prefer to go a little farther afield, May is the best time to book. It was the cheapest month for tourists heading to Chiang Mai, Phuket, Taipei, Delhi, Sydney and Orlando (Disney lovers pay attention).

May is the third cheapest month to travel, with 6 key destinations making the list, including Chiang Mai, Sydney, and Orlando. Visiting Chiang Mai in May rather than December will save you 74% on your hotel stay.

The research also turned some assumptions about travel on their heads. Contrary to popular belief, the data showed that Saturday is the cheapest day to stay in 17 cities, including Las Vegas, Dublin, and Milan. This could be due to various factors, including lower demand for weekend business travel.

Meanwhile, Tuesday is on average the most expensive day to travel. This was the case in 15 destinations worldwide, such as Madrid, London, and Paris. Again, this could be due to business travel.

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