‘I went on holiday and accidentally flashed the entire plane with my boobs’

A young woman has explained how she ended up flashing a plane full of holidaymakers by accident.

Emma, a fitness coach who is popular on TikTok, revealed how she showed her boobs to a plane full of people in a video. The gorgeous blonde uploaded a clip where she told her 131,000 followers about the incident.

She noted that she was flying from the Gold Coast to Sydney, both in Australia, when the problem occurred. She was left mortified as she prepared to leave the plane after it had landed.

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Emma, AKA @emmafituk_, said the problem occurred when she went to get her bag from the lockers above her head.

She explained: "I reached up into the overhead cabin to get my bag and my bandeau decides to ping off and show my bare boobs to the whole plane."

The young fitness influencer felt that those nearest to her certainly got an eyeful. She noted that some of them even made themselves look away from her body and said it was "the most embarrassing thing that could ever happen to someone."

Emma said: "There was literally a guy sat eye-level to my boob and thank the Lord he had enough respect to look in the opposite direction. Everyone else around me 100% definitely saw and I wanted the ground to literally swallow me up"

She was so embarrassed by the issue that she even said it topped the most humiliating moments of her life. Emma said: "Without a doubt that was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me in my life."

In an effort to prevent other people from going through the embarrassing moment, Emma suggested things to prevent the issue. This included wearing different clothes than she had worn on her trip.

Emma added: "Never ever under any circumstances, wear a bandeau on an airplane." A bandeau is a sleeveless slip top – like a tube top – for those who don’t know.

In the comments, people were surprised and shocked. However, many tried to make Emma feel better about the situation.

One person said: "I’d say you will survive your embarrassment- worse has happened to me and others. I have witnessed many events – I just smiled."

While another added: "I bet you felt your face going red I’ll definitely note that." But, others were a bit more disrespectful. One man commented: "Wish I was on that flight." While another said: "The bloke had more strength than I would have."

Many commenters laughed and joked about the situation while one woman said she would "die" if it happened to her. But, it's not the first time someone's breasts have caused controversy.

Just last week, a woman was criticised for "bouncing" and jiggling her boobs while in Disneyland. Even though children were around when she filmed the cheeky moment. Plus, another woman who went to Disney was called out for wearing a lingerie bodysuit which bared her nipples.

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