People would rather sit next to animals than kids on flights

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    We all know that flying in economy can be a bit of a nightmare (business class is another story) mostly due to cramped seats, annoying passengers and too much noise. But, many of us accept that there will be crying babies and hyper kids on a flight.

    However, it turns out that given the choice most holidaymakers would rather sit next to an animal on a flight than a child. Travel site Upgraded Points surveyed over 1,000 pet owners and non-pet owners to find out what people think about animals – mostly cats and dogs – being in the cabin on flights.

    Currently, most animals are transported in special crates and are kept in the cargo hold of large planes. Many owners worry that their beloved family pet will get cold, scared or hungry while down there and would prefer to have them in the cabin with us humans (I know I would).

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    So, the survey tried to find out what other folk think about pets being up top with passengers. Around one third of non-pet owners claimed they were not comfortable sharing cabin space with animals. This is understandable a while many of us would love to pet a pooch while flying some holidaymakers could have allergies or be afraid of animals. But, a whopping 57% of non-pet owners said they’d rather sit next to a pet than a child.

    Apparently, one in four pet owners would prefer to travel with their own pet than their own child. However, 85% of pet owners do say they have encountered challenges and limitations while travelling with their animal.

    In fact, there are so many challenges that 70% would rather go on an eight hour road trip with their furry friend than a two hour flight. But, 66% would still bring their pet on every holiday with them if they could.

    Around 75% of pet owners would pay more for a pet-friendly hotel to facilitate this while 33% would give up their dream destination if it meant their pet could come with them on a standard holiday instead.

    Alex Miller, founder and CEO of Upgraded Points, said: "Travelling with pets comes with a unique set of challenges and rewards. Our latest study offers insight into the balance Americans strike when travelling with their pets, and what non-pet owning travellers think about it all, too."

    The difficulty of pet travel didn’t stop some travellers though. An adorable ginger cat was filmed on a plane slinking around the galley and economy cabin – flight attendants asked passengers to check their bags to locate the cat's owner.

    In the video, a one-eyed ginger cat can be seen exploring the plane’s galley. The cute little cat slinks around on the floor sniffing at various trolleys and drawers before lying back down to relax in its newfound spot. Its owner was eventually located.

    Meanwhile, JetBlue plane passengers were surprised when a flight attendant held aloft a "chonky" fluffy cat mid-journey. The feline – named Brian – had been exploring the cabin after a clever escape from his carrier.

    But, not everyone is happy with pets on-board. Gill and Warren Press said they were suing Singapore Airlines over an allegedly 'farting dog',which ruined their long-haul flight from Paris to Singapore due to its stench. They claim the dog was "snorting" and "farting" for the whole trip next to their premium economy seats..

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